How long does the delivery take?

On average 15 minutes, but it depends on the size of your order.

What payment methods do you accept

  • PayPal
  • Credit Cards (MasterCard, Meastro, Visa, Amex, Discover, JCB)

Do you need my password?

Absolutely not! It’s confidential and you should never share it with anyone. The only thing we need is your username or link.

Can I get automated likes on every new upload?

Yes, we call it “Auto-Likes”. You will receive likes instantly with every new upload you make. Check it out here

How can I cancel the auto-likes?

There are two ways to cancel your auto-likes subscription.

You can email us with the request to cancel the subscription and we will do it no questions asked. Or you can do it yourself by logging into your PayPal account and cancel the payments.

If you have any answers left unanswered don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Support here